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Foam kits for ski and ski
mountaineering boot liners

Foam kitClassic polyurethane
50cc. dispenser ratio 2:1Two component polyurethane
foam cartridges
50cc. dispenser ratio 1:1Two component silicone
gel cartridges
How to male a good foamed inner-boot
How to make a good foam liner.
Cast kitsRigid poyurethane
cast material.

Shaped gel

gel padding.

Heat sensitive
selfmolding material

Heat sensitive selfmolding materialHeat'n'fit heat
sensitive selfmolding
Heat sensitive selfmolding orthotics
Heat'n'fit heat
sensitive selfmolding

Ski-boot liners:

Foam ski-boot linerFoam liners.
Selfmolding inner boots Selfmolding
Thermoflo liners.
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How to inject a good foam liner:

The following is the standard procedure used by the best ski men (those who custom fit world cup racers, ski teachers, etc.).
We suggest you follow each operation with the best attention.

Foam ski-boot
  • Insert the liner into the shell.
  • Adjust the back plastic tubes, paying attention that tubes are not crooked or crossed.
  • As to the front tubes, there might be the necessity to cross them in case the shell has a particular shape. However, they must not have any wrinkle.
  • Wear a toe cup. In case you have none, wrap the toe with anything to make a thickness of about 10 millimeters to prevent foam pressure to push the foot forward.
Toe cup
Polyethilene socks
  • Wear the PE socks.
  • Pay attention that the liner is well up. Right and left liners must be the same height. Tongues must be adjusted too.
Adjusting liner
pouring isocyanate into polyol bottle
  • Put the skier in a platform with toes higher than the heel. In case you do not have a platform, a piece of wood can be placed on the toe area.
  • Pour all the isocyanate of the small bottle into the big one (polyol).
  • screw the adapter of the tubes onto the bottle.
  • Shake strongly for about 10 seconds with the bottle in the upright position.
  • Turn bottle upside down and keep shaking for 10 more seconds.
  • Keep the bottle in that position and let the liquid flow in.
    Note: for safety, it is a good care to cover the bottle with a plastic bag because in case of leaking, the liquid will not waste the liner or other things..
Liquid polyurethane flows into the liner
  • The liquid gets into the liner and after a few seconds it starts getting out from the front tubes. Sometimes, however, because of the foot shape, the liquid can find it difficult to get out from one tube (usually from the inside tube). In this case stop the opposite entrance, in our example is the outside tube, untill the liquid is coming out also from the missing tube.
  • NOW CLOSE ALL BUCKLES, at normal tension, starting from the middle buckle (the one on the instep)
Tighting buckles
Pulling front tubes
  • About 30 seconds after the liquid has stopped getting out from the front tubes, open the front buckle and pull out the front tubes.
  • Close the front buckle.
  • Pull out also the back tubes and check that all buckles are closed normally.
Pulling back tubes
Injected ski-boot
  • You can now inject the other boot.
  • When finished, wait for 10 more minutes before taking boots out.