High Quality di Vidalli Serena
Via G. Puccini, 35
31010 Villa d'Asolo (TV) - Italy
tel.& fax: +39 0423 600350

cell: +39 338 678 2860

We are located in the area of Montebelluna, Treviso, Italy and we are specialized in the manufacture of replaceable liners for ski, mountaineering, snowboard and skate boots with selfmolding "Thermoflo" material and custom foam. The production is entirely made in Italy and we ship to dealers worldwide.

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This is High Quality's top-of-the-line.
Thanks to the precise fit obtained with the injection of polyurethane foam material under pressure which is filling all empty spaces between the shell and the foot, the foam system is still the best solution for most racers, ski teachers and ski pros who have fitting problems or need a perfect contact with the ski.

Liner injected area

This is the injected area.
It covers all the ankle area leaving the toes free to help blood circulation.

Liner upper cuff
This area is already padded with high density foam.
The lining is a heavy bi-elastic strong synthetic material joined with a closed cell 3 mm. soft foam material.
This soft and elastic lining, with the foam pressure, is adapting perfectly to the foot shape.