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Foam kits for ski and ski
mountaineering boot liners

Foam kitClassic polyurethane
50cc. dispenser ratio 2:1Two component polyurethane
foam cartridges
50cc. dispenser ratio 1:1Two component silicone
gel cartridges
Foaming instructions How to make a
good foam liner.
Cast kitsRigid poyurethane
cast material.
Gel part
Polyurethane gel padding.

Heat sensitive
selfmolding material

Heat sensitive selfmolding materialHeat'n'fit heat
sensitive selfmolding
Heat sensitive selfmolding orthotics
Heat'n'fit heat
sensitive selfmolding

Ski-boot liners:

Foam ski-boot linerFoam liners.
Selfmolding inner boots Selfmolding
Thermoflo liners.
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The FOUR T BROS di Vanio Tessaro & c. s.a.s., located in Montebelluna, Treviso, Italy is producing polyurethane gel parts.

Parts can be made essentially in two different ways:

  1. In slabs of size and thickness on request;

  2. Poured into moulds

Slab processing can be made: "paper-on-paper", or beween two plastic films.

Slabs are to be then cut with dies, scissor etc.

Gel slab on paper

"Paper-on-paper": once the polyurethane gel is cut with dies, the first layer of paper is taken away, it is then glued on the piece (being adhesive, this is done very easily), take the second layer of paper away and then the next material can be glued against the gel.

Gel slab on plastic film

This slab in made with a polyurethane navy thick film on one side and a polyurethane transparent thin film on the other one.

Gel contruction

This is an enlargement of the above slab.
All slabs are of a fix width of mm. 205 and the height is adjusted to have the minimum waste considering the pieces which are to be cut.

Gel parts poured into molds without covering (these parts are adhesive).

Gel ankle cupGel horse leg protection

These parts are inserted into the finished product.They do not need any glue, because the gel is adhesive.

These gel parts are covered with a transparent or coloured film.

Gel pieceGel piece
Gel pieceGel piece
Gel piece

It also possible to cover the casted part only on one side with any kind of fabric which can be glued or welded against another material.

Gel piece with nylon fabrik
Horse saddle gel protection

We have made and tested a special kind of padding for horse saddle. Such a padding is put on the saddle tree under the leather cover. It absorbs the rebounds of the horse and therefore protects both the horse and the rider's backbone.
The gel horse saddle padding can be inserted also into a used saddle.